domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

My wishes

And now I know what I did. I spent my life with a person who doesn't deserve the most things that i gave. I wish i could change the past. But I can't. So I can restart my life. My wishes for my new life are I wish I had fewer problems. I wish I couldn't hurt anybody and the most important wish: I wish i was happy.
I was so connected with my past and i couldn't restart my life quickly. But sometimes someone comes to your life and changes the bad things. I wish i weren't so stubborn...But things change,you know? Thanks God, things will be better if you believe. But if you never trey being happy, you'll never know. I used to think:''I wish I were waiting for him at school now.'' I believed and now I wait for him everyday.I wish I would stop making mistakes and for now I made it! You'll always have to convince yourself that there isn't a reason for not to see the sun anymore.

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